Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TV/Screen Free!

Turn off the TV, and turn on life!
April 27th-May 3rd, 2009, is National TV-Turnoff Week
Plan to join us in the library for family-friendly screen-free activities during TV Free Week! We'll have lots of ideas available for activities your family can enjoy together, during this one week of the year to see what it's like to be TV and screen-free!

And, if TV-free is already part of your lifestyle, there's a product I recently discovered which you might appreciate... It's the "TV B Gone" universal TV remote! Annoyed by loud TVs in restaurants, airport lounges or bars? Tired of trying to converse with your children while their eyes are locked on the boob tube? Buy yourself this handy, keychain-sized device, and you can turn off televisions anywhere, any time! (Order now, operators are standing by...)
Here's the link, if you want one:

Sunday, April 5, 2009

New books at the library!

Heart and Soul By Maeve Binchy

After spending a year establishing and successfully running the local clinic, Doctor Clara Casey is hesitant to walk away from her rewarding position.

Handle With Care By Jodi Piccoult

When Charlotte and Sean O'Keefe learn about their daughter's illness, they wonder if they should have known about it sooner and begin to question what constitutes the value of even the most fragile life.

Corsair By Clive Cussler

When the U.S. secretary of state's plane crashes en route to a summit meeting in Libya, the CIA hires pirate Juan Cabrillo and his crew to look for her, and when the crew of the "Oregon" discovers plans that are connected to centuries-old Islamic scrolls, they are thrown into a crucial naval battle against terrorists.

The Gift of Years By Joan Chittister

Examines various dimensions of aging and offers encouragement for people who struggle with the challenges of growing older, arguing that the surprises, potentials, and joys of aging need to be faced with a positive outlook

One Day at a Time By Danielle Steel

Coco Barrington, the daughter of a best-selling author and sister of a top Hollywood producer, takes a job dog sitting for a friend, and when she arrives at the house meets Leslie Baxter, an actor who is staying at the home and with whom she feels an immediate attraction, but the pressures of celebrity and the changes going on with her family threaten to tear the two apart.

This Republic of Suffering By Drew Gilpin Faust

Explores the material, political, intellectual, and spiritual impact of the enormous loss of life resulting from the Civil War in America, and looks at how military personnel and civilians dealt with the carnage on both practical and spiritual levels.

A Mad Desire To Dance By: Elie Wiesel

Doriel Waldman, a European Jew living in New York City, seeks out a psychoanalyst to help him deal with the ghosts of his past and the secrets of his parents, resistance fighters and survivors of World War II who died in an accident after the war.

Stolen Innocence By: Elissa Wall

Elissa Wall discusses her life growing up as a member of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints, the trials she endured after the polygamous sect leader Warren Jeffs forced her to marry her cousin at the age of fourteen, events that led to her leaving the church, and her decision to testify against Jeffs when he was brought to trial on charges of arranging marriages between adult male followers and underage girls.